Setup and Control camera using your cellular phone.

Program up to 10 Numbers to receive alerts.

Outdoor ready with optional solar bundle.

No drilling holes or running wires in walls. REMOTE


TUTA B2 Camera - $295.00

Solar Kit Only - $295.00

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TUTA B2 Cellular Camera

Mobile Alarm -When triggered, it can send an SMS message and pictures.

Smartphone ControlVia your Android or IPhone App.

SMS Remote Control - You can control using SMS Commands.

Realtime Audio/Pictures - Listen in or request MMS pictures at anytime.

Motion DetectionDetect any motion and send an alarm.

PIR SensorTrigger presence of body heat detection.

Optional External SensorsConnect up to 15 multiple  wireless devices.

Infrared LightAllows you to capture images in total dark environments.

Multi-AlertSend alerts SMS, MMS, emails, phones or computers.

Backup Lithium Battery - Internal battery is rechargeable in case of power loss.