• WiFi –GSM-GPRS word menu home alarm system
• Android – IOS App application easily controlled, Easy to give commands
• Administrator control through scanning QR code in app
• Notification Alarm when there is no WiFi, the host with alarm through GPRS
• Works with IP cameras and IP camera app
• Useable with RFID wireless keypad
• Revisable Zone Names through Administrator
• Relay usages name can be revised by users
• Every Zone can be set to be independent zones, which can only be disarmed by Administrator
• Leaving messages remotely through the app
• Alarm when power is lost or recovered in low voltage
• Smart Zone Checking- Automatically checks windows and doors status
• Door alarms or chimes when opened
• Unit will operate up to 4 wireless relays and sound
• Supports “Ding Dong” door bell function
• 30 wireless zones/8 wired defense zones
• Stores up to 6 phone numbers to call when alarmed
• Built in 800mA rechargeable battery
• Second voice message recording
• Supports monitoring and two-way intercom function
• Unit can be used as a wireless phone

Also in black

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