Cellsign  T2

- Smart RV

- Real Time Cellular Control

- Special offer from Farm Bureau Insurance

When you connect Cellsigns  T2 with the external temperature sensor, you can install it in a refrigerator or on a water heater or other appliances that needs to be monitored. The Cellsign T2 does room temperature monitoring for heating and cooling. This is convenient for temperature monitoring when animals are still in the RV. RV technicians can also use this device to monitor or diagnose problems with your RV by getting reports and see live monitoring on the spot or remote. And the owner can see how the RV technician diagnose the problem. This device can be used in several applications, below is several popular ideals.

RV, Home, Boat, Vehicle,

Trucking, Logistics, Trains,

Restaurants, Cabins, Businesses,

Industrial, Pipes, Cellular Towers,

Fish Tanks, Hotels, Frozen Foods,

Rentals and much more.


With Cellsigns  T2 you will know that your favorite pet is safe in your RV or personal

property. With this device installed you will be able to communicate and be able to get reports

on room temperatures, refrigerator temperatures, power failures and fires. This will allow you

To enjoy more time on your vacation and less time in the RV. All of this is possible through

SMS cellular communication (texting). Tmobile GSM is a sponsor of our products.



$12.50 for unlimited communication

An active T-Mobile sim card can be include.

(Any cellular phone with operate this device)

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Cellsign  T2 - $242.00

(Probe not included, see below)

(Plus Shipping)

Cellsign Probe (sold separatly)