Founder/CEO - Eric Casebolt  

                                                                               Eric saw a need for advanced communication exchange and developed the idea of wireless information signs to fill that need. The idea expanded                                                                                                                   into many different products and applications that can be used in multiple areas of commerce, business, entertainment and home.
                                                                                                        Eric has always been a self starter and is constantly thinking of new ways to improve upon current technologies to benefit others and make things                                                                                                                simplified for both consumers and manufacturers. He is excited about the future of Cell Sign Technologies and has nurtured this from an idea on                                                                                                                    paper  to actual working models and patent pending prototypes. His current business, Southern RV Center LLC in Manchester, Tennessee has been                                                                                                              in business since 1997 and currently specializes in RV technical services and repairs.
Computer Engineer - Dennis Dormady
Dennis is currently a tenured Associate Professor of Computer Science at Jacksonville University. For 28 years, he has developed courses from freshman to graduate levels, on topics ranging from basic computer applications to micro controller programming. He was presented the prestigious Professor of the Year Award for 2003-2004 from his university colleagues. He also served as the University's Chief Technology Officer, overseeing the Info Tech Department during a transition between ERP's formalizing goals, strategies and tactic for the university's technological needs as well as instituting formalized procedures for change and help desk operations.  Professionally, Dennis has consulted and worked with both private and government groups. He has presented at local, regional and national levels on topics from new kinds of programming to robotics to computer security as well as nontraditional approaches to education.
Computer Engineer - Steve Obsharsky
Steve is currently President and CEO of Photronic Industries, located in Jacksonville, Florida. For 20 Years his company has been contracted to develop prototypes of one of a kind, special purpose electronic systems, particularly with lighting control applications. He has designed systems for entertainment venues, lighting companies and other industries that requires his special kind of expertise in electronics. He has over 40 years of experience working in the Communication and Data Transmission field, having worked on systems that are both local and nationwide in scope. His expertise in telecommunications has made him a requested consultant by corporations across the nation. In addition, he has been active volunteer instructor in college classes. He co-designed curriculum for microcomputer and micro controller classes. He expertise in circuit boards design led to one of the few courses around the country that taught students how to design, etch and assemble their own circuits.
Surveillance Tech Specialist and IT - Mike Whaley
Mike is currently a Criminal Investigator for the government. Mike has been working with  government for 28 years, He is a seasoned professional with several awards and academics in surveillance.  He is certified through TSS (Technical Surveillance Services) as a specialist in Surveillance and is also certified in Video Surveillance. With these skills Mike is able to build and convert video solutions into about any field. He is also a certified Computer Technician with over 15 years experience working and rebuilding computer systems and network. He expertise in law enforcement and surveillance technologies helps provided needed information for different avenues for product procedures.Mike is currently a consultant for the business.
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